Monday, September 26, 2016

2016 Blue Jeans Week 38

A really, really hot week.  We are so ready for fall.  The girls had a cross country race this week and with the heat index the temperature was 109!!!!  Ugh.  That is a July temp NOT a September one!  It was a horrible day for a race, but they did great.  We were all sweating buckets cheering them on, but we cannot complain because we were just standing there and not running in it!  So we are really looking forward to fall, and I think it is finally arriving as the high today is only 70 which is glorious after that 109!  Take a look at our week. . .
Sunday afternoons we like to play games.  Careers was on the agenda today.

I am one year into my 4 year school board term.  Today we had a board retreat--an all day meeting, which was actually better than it sounds.  Food was good, company was good, and the weather where we were at was nice enough to be outside in the afternoon.  Meeting outside isn't so bad :)

A picture from Miss A's week--my mom was in town and took her to lunch with her mom, so this is a picture of Miss A, her grandma and great-grandma.  Pretty cool!

Got away with some friends today to do some fall flower shopping.  Love these ladies!  They keep me sane!  and laughing!  Can you ask for better friends than that???

And the miserable cross country race....109 degrees.  Ugh.  But they did great!  So proud of Miss O and Miss E!  And they were running through some mud too!  Hot and muddy, can you get better racing conditions than that ?  Ha!

Before the race the girls huddle to pray.  Love that!

And it is time for Friday night lights and marching band!  yeah!  Miss E and Miss O are out there.  First band performance of the year.  Love football games and the band!  

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you have a good week!  Come back soon!!!


  1. Ugh! That heat with a cross country meet--must have been brutal. So cool your mom and her mom got to have lunch with Miss A. It's so great you all still play board games. Unfortunately my boys hate them which is a bummer. Your flower shopping and board retreat look fun. Have a great week.

  2. 109!??!?! That is MISERABLE. Hopefully those fall temps get there soon.
    I LOVE that you're including 1 picture from Miss A's adventures every week. That's a great way to still tell her story.