Monday, November 15, 2010

Grateful to be an American

Last week was Veteran's day.  I am so grateful to be an American and live where I do.  What a blessing.  I am so grateful for the amazing, selfless men and women who have fought and given their lives over the course of our country's history and for those that so valiantly serve today, so that I can enjoy the abundant freedom and life that I do.  May God bless those men and women and their families.  I am so grateful for you.

 Our town always celebrates Veteran's day with a parade on the Saturday following.  It is a good time to teach my kids about the blessings we have because of where we live and the many lives that were sacrificed so we can stand on a street corner on a cold November day and salute our flag and remember those who have served.
Seeing this huge flag carried by the men and women who serve and sacrifice for us always brings tears to my eyes.  We are very blessed. 

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  1. That is so awesome your town does this! How fun to take the family to watch.