Monday, November 29, 2010

My prize

Several months ago I won a $60 gift certificate from the blog You asked for it by T.  It was for the stores.  I could not decide what I wanted, decisions, decisions, too much good stuff, and then today I found it!!!  I have been wanting a dutch oven for a while, and I found this Lodge one on their site and ordered it today!  Love the green color. Yeah! Thanks T!


  1. Love It! What an awesome color... hmmm, maybe I need to go ahead and do another CSN giveaway soon so more people can be blessed with cool green cookware :)

  2. Jen - let me know if you're interested, but I have the most amazing artisan bread recipie for that type of dutch oven. It's my family's favorite bread and we make it at least 1x week. Super super easy - make the dough the night before - no kneading - raise overnight - pop it into the dutch over in the morning to bake. Love it.