Saturday, November 20, 2010

This was NOT on my 'to do' list

It was a Saturday, and specifically the Saturday before Thanksgiving where I will be having 30 to dinner, and I had a huge 'to do' list--clean the house, till the garden, put up Christmas lights, check dishes, make pie crusts, etc. etc. etc, but. . .
this was NOT on my 'to do' list!  I was vacuuming the stairs while my hubby was tilling the garden.  The kids were supposed to be cleaning their rooms, when my husband comes in and see Mr J and yells at me, "Jen, did you see his hair?!!??  What did he do to his hair?"  Well, while everyone else was occupied the kid about scalped himself with some scissors in 3 different places, the most prominent being right down the middle of his head!   Now I have 3 older girls, and each of them in turn cut their hair at one time or another.  My 3rd daughter actually never cut her own hair, her older sister coerced her under the kitchen table to cut her hair for her, but that is another story. . .Anyway, I kind of expected this catastrophe from girls, but my boy???  My boy tried to cut his hair?  I didn't see that coming, and 
this new look was NOT on my "to do" list.  Oh. My.  Thank heavens we already got family pictures taken.  This kind of a look is generally accepted in June/July/August, but November?  I think the kid is going to be wearing lots of hats.  Thank goodness he is a boy, and he seemed pretty happy with his new look, but  scissors are permanently banded from my house.  Apologies ahead of time if you get a gift from me because all your Christmas presents will be wrapped in ripped paper. 


  1. smiling at the thought of you wrapping all your gifts minus scissors.

    none of my boys ever cut their hair more than a hesitant snip... my girls? Yeah, shouldn't have let them watch "The Parent Trap" because they cut each other's hair - the tears were aplenty that day... all mine.

  2. Wowza! Yep, he'll be needing some good hats. Good thing hair grows back...

  3. He is adorable even without hair! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Good luck with all your guests! :)

  4. So funny! The picture with his smile is just the best.