Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Well, we survived Thanksgiving 2010.  We had 30 for dinner which was rather insane at times, but it turned out well--plenty of yummy food and lots of friends and family.  What more could you want?
This is the adult table, and 3 people were out refilling when I took this.  So much good stuff to eat!!!

We had small, medium, and large kids' tables this year.  This was the large.

The medium kids' table

And the super cute small table. 

Played football after to run off all the food.  It was rather cold--high of 32, but everyone enjoyed it--that is the dads and kids enjoyed the football outside in the 32 degrees, while the moms enjoyed the heated and quieter house. 
Thanksgiving dinner at my house usually consists of more friends than actual blood-related family because said family lives very far away, so it was extra special to have my 2 sisters and their families here at my house this year.  That was a treat.  And, we are officially sick of turkey left overs here.  Pizza is on the menu now.  Can one ever get sick of pizza?  How about your house? 


  1. only 20 at our house for the meal... and I thought I'd overplanned since 11 of the twenty were under ten years old... no such luck - it's amazing how much food can be consumed (or wasted) by a crowd.

  2. We had NO turkey leftovers. Wah! I want to cook another one because I want the leftovers. I'm coming over to your place...ASAP. No pizza for me! :)

  3. What a great party! The food looked delicious.