Monday, April 11, 2011

Blue Jeans Week 12

I thought this week that spring finally arrived, so I turned off the heater at the beginning of the week, and by the end I had to turn the A/C on!  I want spring, not summer already!  Thankfully we only had the A/C on for 2 days, and now it just feels like spring!
Sunday:  Twice a year our Church has a world-wide General Conference where our services are transmitted world-wide via satellite, the Internet, TV, etc, and talks are by our world leaders and prophet.  We watch the meetings at home over the Internet.  It is a great spiritual feast and boost which is just what we need!  Miss O is watching General Conference Sunday afternoon.
Monday:  Update on our art wall.  In one of the hallways on the first floor we created an "Art" wall.  We put up the kids' artwork, and I try to take pictures when we get new additions to our art collection. 

Tuesday:  Had some good friends from out of town visit.  Mr J got to play with one of his best-est friends, and they had a kool-aid tea party.  Always such a good time with good friends!
Wednesday:  A friend asked me about my treadmill the other day and if I used it a lot, "Oh yes," I replied, "I use it all the time" but I neglected to say that I don't necessarily use it for the purpose it was intended :)  It is in my craft room, and it makes a great sorting table, and when it finally gets cleared off it does get used for other things too--like actual walking--sometimes. . .
Thursday:  You may remember that one of our chickens died a few weeks ago?  Sadly, another died, and so we only have one lone chicken, so we went to the farm store today and bought 4 more chicks to replenish our chicken shortage.  We intended to get 6 chickens, but they were out of the green-egg laying chicks (these above are brown-egg layers), so we have to go back next week.  There is nothing better than fresh eggs!

Friday:  Spring is busting out all over!  Red bud trees are one of my absolute favorite things in the spring.  After school we went to the library, and they had this beauty blooming in the front.  Too bad they don't stay this color all summer.
Saturday:  Every Saturday in April means soccer at our house.  Had 3 games today and both our #10s did awesome!  It was a beautiful sunny day, and we are loving this soccer season!

Hope you all are seeing some spring or signs of it!  Have a good week!



  1. Love your ART wall . And so glad the treadmill is getting used! I do better if I leave home to get exercise other than the usual household type! I so love looking at the little chicks at the farm store, would love to try it, but not inside the city limits! Have a wonderful Spring week!

  2. Great idea about the art wall. Very cool! Those new baby chicks are so cute and perfect for spring. LOL! about the treadmill ;0)

  3. I still think of your Art wall - and I still think it's a brilliant idea. Unfortunately, I don't have a spare wall - so we use a spare door in the kitchen :)