Monday, April 4, 2011

Blue Jeans Week 11

You know with the time change and "spring forward" I think it put everything on fast forward.  Anyone else feel like that?  Hope your week wasn't too crazy!
Sunday:  Sunday afternoons are usually not too crazy, thank heavens.  Mr. J and I spread out the puzzles on the kitchen table and had some puzzle time together.  Mr. J has always been a big puzzle fan.  His Thomas the Train and the US states puzzles are his favorite.
Monday:  For family night treats Ben helped the kids make "Magic in the middle" chocolate cookies.  You make the chocolate cookie dough and then you make a peanut butter dough that you wrap the chocolate dough around and bake.  When you bit into the chocolate cookie you get a smooth peanut butter center.  Oh yum!  I can't believe I have been married to this amazing man for over 15 years, and he has never made these for me before!  I am requesting them once a week now, they are so good!  Chocolate and peanut butter, is there a better combination?
Tuesday:  One new thing the girls--especially Miss E--got into over spring break is cross-stitching.  Miss E concentrates very hard on her latest cross stitch design--and she jumped to this task before she got dressed or combed her hair or anything :)
Wednesday:  I think Sunday afternoon Mr. J, Miss E and I started the game of Life.  We finally finished it this evening, so it has been out on our coffee table in the family room for the last 4 days.  I don't remember it taking that long to play when I was a kid, but my kids sure enjoyed it.  I always loved being the banker when I played, but Miss E insisted on being banker when we played this time--just something about controlling all the money--even when it is fake and pink, blue and orange.

Thursday:  Girls Lunch Out--went with my girlfriends to an awesome greenhouse about 45 minutes away and got some pretty flowers to plant, now if the weather would just co-operate so I could plant them!  Love my girlfriends! 
Friday:  April Fool's Day.  Miss A was so on the ball for jokes today.  My van and Ben's car were both covered in play food.  Each of the kids woke up with some kind of drawing or stickers on their face--Miss E had whiskers, Mr J had stars and Miss O had stickers.  She hid everyone's toothbrushes, and I couldn't find my toothbrush anywhere and considering calling the school to ask her where she had hid it, when I finally found it.  She made our day really fun.
Saturday:  Soccer--let it begin--games started today.  We had 4 this morning--ugh--Mr J had 2 and Miss E had 2.  So glad soccer is only a one month sport.  Mr J had two games, and after the first he told me he was done for the season.  It was really had to get him to go back for his second game.  How am I going to keep him going for 4 more weeks?  Funny kid.  He is number 10 on the A&W orange team.  Go orange!



  1. soccer is killing me! it's SO good that it's a short season (and that my kids aren't doing baseball this year!)

    Puzzles are my FAVE! I would totally come and do puzzles with him all day!!!

    but not on April First - because my OCD tendencies would completely come unhinged if my toothbrush were missing for even a few minutes... gotta brush those teeth!!!

  2. What a fun week! We have that exact same US states puzzle! Oh, I want that cookie recipe too...