Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blue Jeans Week 13

A little late posting because I got to go on the kindergarten field trip yesterday--so fun, and kind of sad--my last kindergartner and his last kindergarten field trip--sigh, but it was a good week.
Sunday:  Mr J was checking out the Easter stuff.  He was filling eggs for me for our egg hunt.

Monday:  Went to the park for family night activity this evening.  This is one of our favorite pieces of equipment at the park.  It is way old, but they just don't make playground equipment like they used to :)

Tuesday:  Everyone enjoying the beautiful spring weather and playing "double crack the egg" on the trampoline.

Wednesday:  One of Miss E's art projects she brought home today.  They were to design the "perfect snack," and she came up with the doozie above--love the description--talk about a sugar high.  
Thursday:  Soccer!  Mr J patiently waiting on the sideline for his turn to go in and run after that ball!

Friday:  Had to go to the big city today.  Not a pretty day to go, but we did find everyone cute Easter dresses, but I told my kids as we hit the traffic, "This is why I live in a small town."

Saturday:  Took our yearly trip to a University about an hour and a half away for the girls to perform in the Mid America Music Festival for piano.  They all did awesome.  Miss O not only did her solo, but a duet.  They were great! 

Hope you all have had a good week!


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