Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blue Jeans Week 14

Hope you all have had a good Easter weekend.  Here is what we have been up to. . .
Sunday:  Miss A took this picture.  It is definitely dandelion season here--achoo! 

Monday:  We played Bocce for family night.  That is a fun yard game if you haven't played it before. We would recommend it.  Any age can play, and that makes it even better.  Miss O tries to give Mr J some tips.

Tuesday:  Soccer--I am so glad we only have one more week left of soccer!  So glad it is a short season.  Mr J was killing some time between his games while we watched his sister play today.  Post-it notes and a pen are essential to have in my purse at all times--they are great entertainers! 

Wednesday:  In art at the kids' school for earth week the kids did "recycled" projects.  These "flowers" are what Miss O did with her partner and are called the "Plants of Doom" made with pop can tabs, feathers, scrap paper, paper straws, a can, wire hangers, and a CD.  Awesome.  Love Earth Day projects.

Thursday:  Kindergarten Field Trip day!  See previous post for more details and pictures.  We went to a farmstead about 2 hours from our town.  Had so much fun with Mr. J and his class!

Friday:  When we moved to the country about 6 years ago we started having an annual Easter Egg hung and potluck because we had the space, and I'd always wanted to do it.  This year was our 6th annual.  We eat in our summer house, then either moms or dads hide the eggs while the kids play "Bunny, Bunny, Hop" (our Easter version of "Duck,Duck, Goose") and then they are off to egg hunt, and Ben usually runs over a few unfound eggs with the mower the week after :)  It was beautiful weather this year and so fun!

Saturday:  Easter egg dyeing day.  We are so not fans of hard boiled eggs, only Ben likes them, and we usually just end up throwing away the eggs because we dye so many that Ben can't eat them all, so this year Ben suggested we just dye them without hard boiling them.  Mr J and Miss E were not sure if Dad was correct about this theory that non-hard boiled eggs would work, but it did.  So, now our morning scrambled eggs have very colorful shells :)
Hope you all have a good week.  We have had so much rain.  I am glad we got our garden in so our plants should be sprouting soon!  Love spring!



  1. I totally understand the soccer pain. Love the game, love that your kids are in them - but ever so happy when the season is over at last :)

  2. I'm so glad you had a nice Easter! What a great photo of the dandelions. And I love the idea of dyeing eggs without boiling them. We always waste ours, too. :)