Monday, April 25, 2011

Kindergarten Field Trip

Last week I had the awesome opportunity to go on Mr. J's kindergarten field trip to a farmstead about 2 hours from our house.  It was a super fun day.
Sitting with Mr. J on the bus.  Kids still think riding the bus is cool at this age.

In the a.m. I had the cutest group of 4 kiddos who ran from one thing to another.  They had the neatest kids' garden with ABC stepping stones that they loved to jump on in order and then backwards.
They loved this water pump.

The old school house was neat.  I loved the mini desks they had as well as the full-sized ones.

They had this fun tractor run.  Here comes the John Deer!  Around and around they went.  Made me tired.  I watched from a swing nearby.  Those kids wore me out!
We had lunch and then the kids got to choose an activity to do--fishing, riding a pony, hayride, feed a baby goat,etc.  Mr. J wanted to go fishing, and so I got to take 13 5-year-old boys fishing, and I had to put real worms on their hooks!  I definitely deserve parent of the year for that feat, let me tell you :)  It was pole fishing, and it was so fun!  But I was amazed no one got a hook in their eye or clothes snagged the way those boys were flinging around those poles!  Oh my!  I ducked a lot.  Mr. J actually caught 2 fish.  Above is fish number 2.  They just threw the fish back in, but I did not take the fish off the hooks.  I had one really brave 5-year-old that was a pro at doing that.  If anyone caught a fish I just called the little man over to take care of it because that just wasn't my thing--worms were my limit.
They had the cutest baby goats. 
And this was right before we left and everyone collapsed on the bus and fell asleep during the 2 hour ride home.  It was a busy day on the farm!

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  1. Looks like a super fun day! I wish I could have gone...but I've been out of my classroom way too much!