Monday, May 9, 2011

Blue Jeans Week 16

Trying to catch up, but sort of feelin' like I'm drownin', and I seriously think April/May is as crazy as December! 
Sunday:  We had Miss O's family party today, and we have the tradition that the kids get to decorate their own cakes with their dad.  I make the cake and the frosting, but they get to decorate it with him.  They love this tradition.  This year Miss O wanted her round cake to be a bowling ball, and then she put some bowling pins on it--cool stuff!

Monday:  Miss O received the Presidential Academic Award tonight at the school board meeting.  Way to go Miss O and her awesome friends!

Tuesday:  Today I got to attend my Dad's retirement reception at the college.  That is my dad in the white shirt and my mom to his right.  It was fun to hear the different stories people told from the many years he has been there.

Wednesday:  As part of the young author's celebration I always help with the book selling.  It is a fun job because I get to work with the cutest lady--she is Mr J's kindergarten teacher and we both love her!

Thursday:  I don't have a picture to download here because I am using the picture from the front page of our local newspaper.  Miss O made the front page because her Arbor Day Tree picture got honorable mention in the district competition.  The funny thing was the paper got her name wrong and called her by her older sister's name--twice!  Miss O was not too happy to be called Miss A, but 2 days later they ran an apology, and Miss O felt better :)  But we were proud of her awesome picture !

Friday:  Today was Miss O's field trip to the state capitol, and Ben went along as one of the parent helpers.  They had a fun day seeing the state history museum and touring the capitol.

Saturday:  Today is Miss E's birthday (yes Miss O's and Miss E's birthdays are only 1 week apart) and she turned 9!  She is also showing off her cake that she decorated with Dad.  She decided she liked her sister's idea of the bowling ball cake, so she did the same thing :)  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?  She also had a friend party, and we also were taking the friends bowling, but for some reason (and I did call and check before hand) the bowling alley was closed when we arrived--ugh!  I had 5 9-year-old girls to entertain for 2 hours, and my plans fell through!  So we did some quick improvising and went to the church to play dodge ball, then back to our house for pizza, presents and jumping on the trampoline.  Luckily Miss E didn't seem to disappointed, and the girls had fun, but I was so ready for bed when all the girls were gone!  Note to self:  no more bowling parties!!

Hope you all had good weeks!  School is quickly coming to a close here--8 days left!  Oh, my!



  1. Wow, you had so many celebrations in one week! That is so fun, enjoyed your pics!


  2. How is that - having 2 birthdays in 1 week?? Going forward, I will have 2 birthdays the day after each other (Sweetie & Pirate) They are 5 years apart - so I think the distance might help with any envious feelings. But I hope they each feel unique - you know?