Monday, May 9, 2011

Blue Jeans Week 15

A week behind but better late than never :)
Easter Sunday:  Love the new dresses and how they each have their own style--long gone are the days they would all wear the same dress :)

Monday:  Mr J didn't have school today, so he got extra lucky and got to go have lunch with Grandpa!  My dad is retiring this month after many, many years as the art teacher at our local junior college.  It is sad to see his office slowly being emptied, but I am excited for him to start a new phase in life.  Way to go Dad!
Tuesday:  Kind of blurry, but the girl was running fast!  Miss E's last soccer game today!  Yeah!

Wednesday:  Had lunch with some girlfriends today, and we went to this place that had the biggest and best hot chocolate I have ever had--all the whipped cream on top--oh my!

Thursday:  Beautiful day, and the crew went on a bike ride while I had some quiet time :)  so nice

Friday:  Two pictures for today.  Each April our county hosts a Young Author's conference/competition.  The school children write books and the best book winners get to attend a conference with 2 visiting nationally known children's authors or illustrators.  My mom is the co-chairman of this thing, so we get to attend a dinner with the visiting authors the night before.  Above are my kiddos with children's book author Pamela Duncan Edwards.  If you have never read her stuff, please check it out--super fun picture books your kids will love!

This is the other visiting author--Dandi Daley MacKall, and she has written over 400 books for kids--picture books, novels, check her stuff out.  They were both awesome to listen to and meet.  Great people!!

Saturday:  Today was Miss O's 11th birthday!!  We took her friends bowling then back to our house for pizza and then the girls had an impromptu hair salon--cute, cute! 

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