Monday, May 30, 2011

Blue Jeans Week 19

What a week, what a week, summer is finally here. . .

Sunday:  Got my pots in the back planted.  Love those wave petunias!

Monday:  Mr J got this book from the library and has LOVED it!  He laughs and laughs, and I laugh too because it is pretty funny.  I have read it at least 3 times daily to him, and then he reads it to himself too.  It is  The Little Red Pen by Janet Stevens.

Tuesday:  Let it begin. . . Mr J started piano lessons today. I start my kids right after they finish kindergarten, and I have told them they may quit when they are 18 :)  His teacher is the same one I had in high school.  I now have 4 taking lessons, and am wondering when we will get all the practicing in???

Wednesday:  Mr J's birthday!  Miss A made him his cake, which wasn't a cake, it was an Oreo cheesecake that he requested.  Yummy!  Smart boy!

Thursday:  My youngest sister and her hubby were in town, and it is tradition that Aunt Tessa always does the girls' nails when she comes, so we had Tessa's nail salon today.  So fun!

Friday:  Miss A took a gardening class this week from this sweet man.  Such a nice guy, and she learned so much.  She came home and told us all the things we are doing wrong in our garden :) so maybe with her expertise we will bring in a great harvest this year!

Saturday:  I took the kids to a local greenhouse and gave them $2 each to buy any plant they wanted.  Miss E got hers all planted and ready to go.  Love gardening season!

Hope you all had a great week!



  1. Great week Jen!! Looks like a great week. Hope this one is too.


  2. Your pots look so pretty and I am so jealous of Miss A. I would love to take a gardening class! What a fun idea to let the kids pick out their own plants. It would be fun to see what they might choose and I think most of the fun is in the choosing of what to grow! You're such a great mom!

  3. What a great post! Looks like a fun week. We'll have to check out the Little Red Pen. I'm sure my girls would love it.

  4. Hey Blue Jeans Momma! Looks like a great week full of flowers and gardening .. very fun, but I'm especially jealous of that Oreo Cheesecake! :) How do I get one of those!? ;)

    Feel free to stop by my blog.. I posted today (LATE!!) but would love to have you check it out!