Monday, May 16, 2011

Blue Jeans Week 17

Last week of school here.  The kids are done Thursday!  How did summer sneak in so quickly?  Hope you have all had a good week! 
Sunday:  Mother's day, and this is one of the awesome cards I got by Miss A.  She knows me well and put all my "likes" on the front--books, cheesecake, music, hot chocolate, taking pictures, and scrapbooking.  Love being a mom!
Monday:  Playing ball is usually not allowed in the house, but Ben got some new soft foam balls for the kids, and they enjoyed tossing them around tonight.

Tuesday:  We love our public library, and they recently remodeled ours, and it is so nice!  In one new section of the children's library they got a new table that Mr. J just loves!  He always asks me, "Mom, can we go to the library, and I can sit on my table!"  So here he is looking at a train book (surprise, surprise) at
"his" new library table :)
Wednesday:  End of the school year.  I always take a picture of the kids with their teacher in August on the first day of school, and then I take one with their teacher at the end of school.  As an end-of-the-year gift we put the August and May pictures in a frame and the kids write on it "Thank you for helping me grow!" and then decorate the frame.  So this is Mr. J and his amazing kindergarten teacher at the end of the school year.

Thursday:  Miss O had to do a technical essay (one of my least favorite things) and she decided to do it on "How to make the best chocolate chip cookies in the World."  Then she was to take pictures of the process of making the cookies to show when she presented her essay to the class.  So she made cookies today, and her little brother was there to lick the extra cookie dough off the bowl and mixer attachment.  I think she ended up putting this picture in her presentation :)

Friday:  My last Girls' Lunch Out until August.  Sure love my friends!

Saturday:  Today was my dad's last college graduation as a professor since he is retiring this week.  They had a special presentation and award for him for his 24 years of teaching.  Way to go dad!  Sure love you and am proud of you!!!


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