Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Baby's Birthday

My baby turned 6 years old this week.
Where did those 6 years go?  He was just born yesterday!

And his dad was/is so proud of his boy.  He finally got a boy!  When he was born at our small town hospital even the nurses cried they were all so happy we got a boy (we didn't know what we were having).

So fast forward 6 years and my baby started piano lessons this week with the same piano teacher I had in high school.

And my baby got a spark making scooter for his big day, but you know the thing he wanted most for his birthday????

White bread.  Ha!  So his sweet oldest sister got him a loaf for his special day.  Must be some push-back to the whole whole wheat/whole grain thing he has been eating for the last 6 years.  The kid is so funny, all throughout the day he asks me for "white bread toasted with butter please."  That loaf isn't going to be lasting very long with all the toast he has been eating.

And that same sweet oldest sister made him his birthday cake, but this 6-year-old didn't want a regular cake.  Nope.  He wanted a cheesecake, and an oreo cheesecake at that.  Smart kid.  Takes after his mother :)  We sure love you Mr J!!


  1. Ah! He was such a cute baby! He is still is so very handsome! And that cheesecake looks so wonderful! Smart Boy!

  2. SO funny - ManOfTheHouse and his siblings used to only get white bread on birthdays. (my kids ask for it occasionally too... even though the switch was made YEARS ago)

    My youngest is now 7 - and it's a little weird, I think I FINALLY understand what the older people in the ward meant when they said to enjoy them while I could... killing me!