Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blue Jeans Week 41

Yeah!  Our computer is fixed.  Our house is whole again :)  Sad how dependent we are upon technology, huh?  So I am catching up--these are from our week of Oct 23-Oct 29.  Enjoy!

Sunday:  This is detective E.  It was for part of her Halloween costume, and she needed a picture for her wallet with her badge.  She looks pretty authentic to me.

Monday:  Had some friends over for a make-your-own pizza party. Yum!  For an adult pizza :)  (my kids wouldn't touch it) my friend used the Philadelphia Cooking Creme Italian cheese and herb for the sauce, then put bacon pieces, sauteed mushrooms and cheese on it--divine! 

Tuesday:  A Halloween tradition at our house--decorating pumpkin shaped sugar cookies.  Mr J does a good job with those sprinkles, but when he is done there are more sprinkles than cookie :)  When mine is done there is more frosting than cookie--to each their own :)

Wednesday:  Our church had a fun Halloween activity night for the kids.  They had some carnival type games, and one of them was a "Chicken fling."  That was so awesome!  The kids loved it!  Here Mr J (aka Dragon) gets read to fling his rubber chicken--too much fun! 

Thursday:  I had lunch with Miss E today at school.  It was crazy hat/twin day, so she and her friends wore these awesome matching viking hats :)  We enjoyed chicken and noodles for school lunch--yum!

Friday:  Awards assembly at school for 1st nine weeks.  Miss E got all A's and Mr J got the STAR award which is the top award in 1st grade!  Way to go!!

Saturday:  Ben and Mr J work on carving his Halloween pumpkin.  My sister and brother-in-law were in town and came to help us carve.  Lots of fun!

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