Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Our computer crashed late last week.  Right after my last blog post, I think.  Having a guy come look at it tonight, and praying he can fix it.  It is amazing how much you rely on, count on, and use your computer.  You take it for granted, but then it is sort of nice in a way--we don't have that distraction, no fighting over the computer--no need to waste time :)  but I think we will be glad when it is fixed.  I can't make it to the library too often to check e-mail or blog, so if you e-mail me and get no response, you know why.  So pictures and more updates hopefully later in the week when the computer is fixed :)


  1. That's awful. I lose my computer starting tomorrow for 2 weeks so we can send it in for warranty repair. I think I'm going to die.

  2. Just got mine back today...so glad! I feel hooked up with the world again. Never knew I would miss it. So, I feel your pain. Ha Ha