Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blue Jeans Week 43

Sunday:  This was actually from Sunday a few weeks ago, but the picture got "lost" somewhere between the computer and camera.  Does that every happen to you?  Anyway, once a year the kids in our church do the program at church.  The kids sing, do all the talks, and it is always a highlight for everyone.  It is the Primary Sacrament Meeting program.  This was Miss O's last year, and she wasn't too excited about doing it.  She wishes she didn't have to do it at all :)  Miss E and Mr J had no problem, though, and they all 3 did a good job.  
Monday:  Miss E and Mr J wanted to play Candy Land, but, believe it or not, we didn't have the game.  I must have gotten rid of it accidentally several years ago :), but that didn't detour them.  They just made their own game board and cards.  It is really cute.  We played it tonight. 

Tuesday:  We were singing some songs and Mr J and Miss E decided they wanted to play the drums along with us while we sang.  The kids made these drums at a workshop several years ago, and we have used them a lot over the years. 
Wednesday:  Working on my Countdown to Christmas stuff, and today I started on getting our Christmas letters done.  Doing a little bit at a time each week gets them done easily, and my hands don't hurt from all that writing at one time :) 
Thursday:  We have some really good friends that moved here a year ago from Mexico.  She makes the most delicious food, and we have been over several times to eat it.  One of the best things she makes is black beans, and so today I went over, and she taught me how to make her black beans.  So yum!  Mine don't taste quite as good as hers, but I am learning. 
Friday:  Took a picture of a receipt from today.  Won't see this date again in my lifetime :)

Saturday:  We went to the city today and got to go to Trader's Joe's with a friend and her family.  We had 8 kids between the two of us ages 2 to 13.  It was kind of crazy!  But the store was cool, and we got some yummy stuff.  Know I know what everyone is talking about when they say Trader Joe's!  Can't wait to go back!

Hope you all have a great week and a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Remember your blessings!


  1. The kids did such a wonderful job in the primary presentation! Glad I got to see them in it;) You are so on the ball getting your Christmas letters started! We love Trader Joes too! I just discovered through a friend how much I love their thin chocolate covered pretzels! MMMmmm-Mmmm!

  2. Kids are so creative! I love the homemade candy land. :)