Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blue Jeans Week 42

Slowly getting caught up.  Made it through Halloween parties and dances and projects.  Looking forward to a slower (hopefully) November.  Here is last week's pictures.

Sunday:  The results of our pumpkin carving party.  From left to right Mr J's, Miss A's Miss E (she decided to do a face on both sides?) and Miss O's (which also has faces on both sides)

Monday:  Happy Halloween!  Miss E is a detective,  Miss A a Hawaiian girl, Mr J Darth Vader, and Miss O is Amelia Earhart.  Miss A only went to one house dressed up, then she decided a 13 year old didn't need to go trick-or-treating---sigh, she could have at least gone and given her candy to her dad and me.  Kids grow up too fast.

Tuesday:  I was the elementary school secretary today.  It was kind of fun except for the girl that threw up and the boy who got a goose egg bump on his head and 2 kids with fevers and the phone that rang 100 times.  I was very happy to go home to my quiet house with only 4 kids instead of a school of 200.  I have so much more respect for the school secretary now, and I hope she never gets sick or has to be gone again!

Wednesday:  This is our "before" picture of our trees.

Thursday:  This is the sad "after."  When I brought the kids home from school and Mr J saw it he just cried and cried.  I held him while he cried for a while and then he got up and went in the front yard and walked around where the trees were and started crying again.  Made my heart just ache.

Friday:  But when life gives you lemons, made lemonade, so the kids made a tree fort in the front yard from the wood, and they have enjoyed it--Mr J doesn't cry every time he sees the front yard now.  They will get to keep the tree fort for a few weeks until they come back to split the wood and stack it in the back.

Saturday:  One of the kids took this picture of Ben.  It is always interesting to see the pictures on the camera that I didn't take :)  I think he was sorting cards for a game to play tonight.

Hope you all had a fun Halloween and that you have a great week!


  1. Just a thought - I don't know if your wood would work - but you could always get a bowl made out of it. My ultimate favorite plum tree was blown over in my grandmother's yard when I was 18 - I took a large stump of it and had it crafted into a small, beautiful bowl that's now in my closet. Might make a good memory...

  2. Two faced pumpkins! Ha ha. And you had a Darth Vader too!! What is the fascination with him? The Force is too strong to resist. I cried when I saw the cut down tree pictures. I am sorry. Even if you planted closer to the house the kids would be gone before they matured enough to climb. Sigh.

  3. Love the kids and their costumes! I feel so sad about your trees! I am so impressed in how you turned something so devastating into a teaching moment for your kids. I am so thankful for your example!