Monday, October 15, 2012

2012 Blue Jeans Week 41

So my new camera is ordered but not here yet. . .ugh. . .it should come Wednesday.  I will be anxiously awaiting my UPS man :)  So even without a camera I was still able to get a few shots with my borrowed camera.  I am filling in the rest of the week with our "I statements" and you can read those in this previous post.  They were really fun, and I am glad we did them, and then here are a few shots of our week.  
Sunday afternoons we always enjoy playing games.  Careers was the game of choice this week.

Miss O favored us with her homemade bread for dinner one day this week--yum!  She is really good at baking.

Guitar is another talent Miss O has.  She was rocking and singing today.  Super talented and cute girl.  Love her!

This is a kind of funny shot, but one I have wanted to get for a long time.  This is Mr J's dresser.  He has these funny old egg speakers, a discman, and this fish lamp night light with his Thomas the train cards against it.  He listens to the same music every night when he goes to sleep.  He loves this Jenny Oaks Baker (a violinist) "Wish Upon a Star" CD.  Just a snapshot of our life right now.  

Miss A and Miss O doing face painting at a carnival.  

Also this week the newspaper helped me out and printed a cute photo of Miss A after she got 2nd in the Varsity Girls League Cross Country meet this week.  Yeah!  Way to go Miss A!  She has had an awesome season for her freshman year.

Thanks for visiting and hope you all have a great week!  We are so enjoying the fall weather here--yeah for cooler weather!  We actually had to turn our heater on last weekend--love that :)  

Chic Homeschool Mama


  1. Yum! That bread sounds so good. I love that you take pictures of even just every day things that you see. I need to do this more.

  2. Looks like a nice week and so glad you still have the borrowed camera at least. I'd be stocking the mailman too ;0) That's fabulous about 2nd in the Varsity meet--way to go for her! Love Mr J's dresser--LOL! It will be fun to look back on the picture in years to come. Great guitar playing shot too. You have some talented kids.

  3. What a great week. I am sure waiting for the camera to arrive is torture!!! I would be going mad for sure.

  4. Hope your camera comes in soon! Can't wait for my kids to be old enough for games. Right now we do puzzles with my eldest...but my youngest eats the pieces. Sigh..
    That's awesome that you have such a talented young lady.