Thursday, October 11, 2012

'I statements" challenge

I saw this post on Becky Higgins' blog a little while ago and really wanted to do it.  I guess my camera breaking was a good thing because it motivated me to have my family do this since I couldn't take pictures that week.  So here are some of our "I statements" (spelling mistakes and all)

Mr J--7 years old

I was. . .happy today because I got 100 on my spelling test
I am . . .in second grade
I think. . .I want to be a Doctor
I wonder. . .what I'll be for Hallowe
I wish. . . I could fly
I save. . .my 50 cent coin safe
I always. . .eat a snack aftter skooll
I can't imagine. . .life with out flowes
I believe. . . in the true church
I promise. . .I will not drinke beer
I love. . .trains

Miss E--10 years old

I was. . .(and am) very happy
I am. . .short and 10 years old
I think . . .my family is the best in the world
I wonder. . . what I am going to be when I grow up
I wish. . .I could visit Europe
I save. .. pictures to show to my kids
I always. . . read my books
I can't imagine. . .life without my family
I believe. . .in my faith
I promise. . .to keep the commandments and life faithfully
I love. . .my family

Miss O--12 years old

I was. . .mad today because I had to do homework
I am. ..12 years old
I think. . .that peanut butter is delicious
I wonder. .. what I will be for Halloween
I wish. . .that I could fly
I save. . .pop tabs for school
I always. . .want to win
I can't imagine. .. life without books!
I believe. . .that man will someday live on the moon
I promise. . .that I didn't steal E's glasses
I love . . my family

Miss A--14 years old

I was. . .6th in the varsity girls cross country race last week
I am. . .in 9th grade, a cross country runner, and a good student
I think. . .I have the best family ever!
I wonder. . how many dates my history teacher knows!
I wish. . .I could go to the Olympics someday.
I save. . .cards and letters I receive in the mail and money
I always. . .read my scriptures at night
I can't imagine. . .going all day without brushing my teeth--how horrible!
I believe. . .in Jesus Christ and his church
I promise. . I will not marry anywhere but the temple
I love . . .my family, running, reading, Jesus Christ, and the gospel


I was. . .up at 5:30 this morning
I am. .. glad that is is fall
I think. . .being with my family is great.
I wonder. . .if people will ever live on other planets.
I wish. . .all my kids would be happy, confident people
I save. . .our houseplants from dying.
I always . . .look forward to the weekends.
I can't imagine. . .living in another country
I believe. . .music makes life more enjoyable
I promise. . .to try and be kind and supportive of Jen and my children
I love. . .my family

Me :)

I was . .. walking this morning
I am . . .a stay-at-home mom
I think. . .chocolate is the best
I wonder. . what to make for dinner tomorrow
I wish. . .the laundry would wash and fold itself
I save. . .box tops!
I always. .. love to read.
I can't imagine. .. life without my family.
I believe. .. Jesus Christ is my Savior
I promise. .. to be more patient
I love. . .Ben!

This was a fun activity, and I loved everyone's answers.  It will be a nice addition to our family scrapbook.


  1. I loved reading this post! I feel like a lot of my answers would be similar to yours. :-) What a great idea! I may have to copy this one. Thanks for posting it!

  2. Great idea. That would make a good Christmas card...