Sunday, October 21, 2012

Miss A's Cross Country season finale

So as you may know Miss A is a freshman in high school this year.  She has been running cross country, and even though she is a freshman she has run in the girl's varsity race the entire season.  Sadly she has been the only girl from our school in almost all the varsity meets.  The lone runner.  The one other girl older than her that runs varsity got hurt early in the season and was out the rest of the season.  We hope she is able to run next year!  Miss A has had a phenomenal season especially considering she is a freshman.  She has medaled at every meet she has ran in with the highlight of getting 2nd at the League meet last week.  She is awesome.  So this last weekend was the regional race.  Only the top 10 advance to state.  

On your marks. . . look at that lone girl all by herself.  That is my baby!

Get set. . . Go!

She ran so well.  She was just awesome.  Ben and I were at different places on the course (she runs a 4K) and I didn't realize when I took this picture with my awesome new camera that I got Ben in it also cheering her on, am I good or what?? :)  She was predicted to finish 22nd.  Her coach thought she would be better than that.  She was running in 9th place the whole 2 1/2 mile race until the last 5 feet where she was passed at the last second by two girls.  She got 11th place.  Ugh!  She ran the race of her life--her best time, and was 1 second and 1 place from qualifying for state.  Man that is tough, but I am so proud of her.  The top 10 runners were all upper classmen.  She was the highest finishing freshman of the 80+ girls in the race.  She ran her fastest time.  She has every reason to be proud.  Her Dad and I sure are, and hey, she is only a freshman.  She has 3 more years to be able to make it to state, and I know she will.

And believe it or not this smile was just minutes after she found out for sure she didn't qualify.  What a girl.  These are her amazing coaches that we love.  The guy was actually my cross country coach when I was in high school.  Can you believe that?  Although I am extremely quick to admit that Miss A does not get her great running from me.  I never came anywhere near to being as good as she is, but I did wear that same blue and gold and run under that same amazing coach.  I am glad she gets that experience.  My daughter goes to the same high school I went to.  She even has some of the same teachers I had when I was there.  We had parent teacher conferences this week.  It was kind of weird to meet with some of those teachers as a parent when I had them as a student.  Weird, but it is a great school with great teachers, and Miss A is a great kid, so all around it is great :)

So proud of you Miss A!!!!  You are top in our book always!  


  1. Tell her I had a swim meet my Jr. year with that same story - I came in #19 - and they only took the top 18 placed swimmers and I was 1/4 of a second off. But I think it's those people who come out stronger than the ones who finished #17 or #18 :) Great job!

  2. That's so amazing! Really! Go Miss A! I wish she could go to state but that she just missed it says so much about how good she is! I cant believe she's only a freshman! We are cheering for you from over here! I can't wait until next year! Taylor had a really hard race and probably one of his worst times of the season so her was really feeling down. I still thought he did well. I'm glad they are young and will get more opportunities. How fun that she has your same coach. You are an amazing mom. Those teachers must be so proud of all that you have accomplished and with such a great family too!