Monday, May 6, 2013

2013 Blue Jeans Week 18

Birthday week!  I am now officially the mother of 2 teenage girls!  Heaven help me. . .  In other news we have 9 days of school left and 3 big track meets--hopefully 4 if we make it to state.  Crazy busy end of the year stuff.  2 field trips this week--one next.  I am ready for summer!  Here is a look at our week!
Miss O turned 13 this week!  Ben made her a German Chocolate cake--yum!

And she got lots and lots of duck tape!  She loves creating stuff with that.  

After school smoothies by Miss O are a highlight at our house

After school activities--Miss E reading the paper and Mr J doing his homework.

Miss O decorating her cupcakes for her friend party.  My kids get a friend party every other year on odd birthdays :)  and you can see our ever present post-it notes on the kitchen cupboard--such a part of our lives.

Miss O and her cute friends--we went roller skating for her party.

Our whole family went too.  It was Mr J's first time roller skating at a rink.  He wasn't too sure he like it, but by the end of the night, he was a pro.  

Thanks for visiting and hope your week goes well!

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  1. Looks a like a fun week. I feel your end of the school year busy. Hope the next 9 days are great.

  2. Happy birthday to her! What a fun way to celebrate!

  3. Wishing you a great finale to the end of your school year! Busy, busy!! We are working on some plans for a big road trip through KS this summer and would love to swing by and see you if it works out. I don't have your email. When you have a chance, will you zip me an email at jamileahy at gmail dot com so we can chat more to make some plans? :)

  4. You are so lucky--only 9 days left! My kids go through the first week of June. I won't come soon enough. Duct tape has come a long ways. We have a neighbor girl that does amazing things with that stuff. What a cool gift! Try to enjoy the last couple week of school. You're almost done!

  5. We go until the end of June...I am totally jealous you have nine days left!! Happy Birthday to Miss O :)