Friday, May 24, 2013

Teacher thank you

So school is out--has been out for a week here.  So nice!  But I wanted to share our teacher 'thank you' that we do each year.  This is Mr. J's.  He just finished 2nd grade!  The top picture was taken in August on the first day of school.  The bottom was taken in May just a few days before the end of school.  He has grown, and he had such a wonderful teacher to help him do that!  
I thought his turned out really cute.  I just cut out a white foam sheet so it framed the pictures and then he could decorate it any way he wanted.  We glued it to a heavy piece of cardboard on the back.  Miss E also did a cute one for her 5th grade teacher, but she gave it to her teacher before I got a picture of it.  
Happy end of the school year!

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