Friday, August 16, 2013

Remembering on the first day of school

School is officially in session here.  
First day of 3rd grade for Mr J--our lone elementary student

First day of 6th grade and middle school for Miss E

Our high school sophomore (gulp)--Miss A

And our expert 8th grader--Miss O

So I am wondering if anyone else has this problem, but we cannot have the first day of school without someone forgetting something.  This little list is on our door heading out to the garage.  It was first put up after the first day of school when Miss A (my current sophomore) was starting 3rd grade.  She had gone to school the first day and . . . forgot her glasses, so I got a call.  She forgot her lunchbox in her dad's car, so he got a call.  Thirty minutes after dropping her off at school, both her parents had to return to school.  So, I said, 'We aren't doing that again, so here is a list.   Please check it as you go out the door each morning."  Well, it has worked pretty well, except for on the first day of school.  Someone always forgets something.  This year it was exactly 10 minutes after Ben and the kids had walked out the door that the phone rang.  I knew who it was, and I knew what she had forgotten.  I saw it behind the couch 5 minutes after they had left--her band instrument--her mellophone.   
She said, "Mom. . ." 
and I said," you forgot your mellophone."  
"Yeah. . ."

So, 20 minutes after dropping the kids off, I was at school dropping off the forgotten instrument.  
I am going to have to figure out how to add "instrument" to the above 8 year old list.  Maybe it is time for a new one :)  So here's to a new school year and for continuing the tradition of always forgetting something.  At least my kids are quick learners and don't seem to forget things after the first day, so I hope that tradition continues also! 

Happy First Day of School!

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  1. I love the pictures of your beautiful kid... And I soooo remember the days of forgetting... so many years ago... AND sometimes it was me! ;)