Monday, February 17, 2014

2014 Blue Jeans Week 7

We had a nice week.  Busy first few days with parent teacher conferences, then the kids had off Thursday and Friday.  Ben took off also so we could all take off for a fun weekend in the city.  Here is a look at our week. . .
Sunday afternoon--everyone was busy making their Valentine's for the week.  Love all the creativity going on around here!
Our house in winter.  I try and remember to get a picture of it in each of the seasons.  

Our Valentine's Day sugar cooking baking extravaganza for school parties, work, friends, and just to eat.  Recipe in the previous post.  Yum!  It wouldn't be Valentine's at our house without sugar cookies!

Finally got in a little bit of sledding--or tried to anyway.  Mr J didn't quite make it down on this run :)

The kids exploring the park in the winter--the little stream is a lot more fun when it is frozen.  Who doesn't love to walk on ice and make snow angels?  

 We went up to the city Thursday for a belated 16th birthday celebration for Miss A.  We went out to dinner, went swimming in the hotel pool and enjoyed watching the Olympics that night.  

The next day we did some shopping and went ice skating to celebrate Valentine's Day.  It was cold!  But we had a lot of fun!!!

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  1. I think that's so true about remembering to get pictures of your house throughout the seasons. I look back and wish I'd gotten more photos of where we'd lived. Even just the interior.

  2. What a great idea to get a picture of the house in each of the seasons!
    Those sugar cookies look divine. I agree w/ you that it stinks to have to wait for dough to be refrigerated. I want to cut them out as & get going on making the cookies as soon as the dough is mixed. :)

    That picture of Mr J is an awesome shot ... way to capture that in mid-fall.
    How FUN that y'all got to stay in a hotel and have fun in the city.

    I hope y'all have a great week & stay warm! :)

  3. It looks cold! Glad you all had a fun time in the city though. I took a picture of my house in winter but it's unimpressive--looks just like fall or spring this year. I'm missing our winter season. All your snow play is making me jealous ;0) Have a great week.