Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Thoughts

Some random Friday thoughts. . .
This was my bathroom mirror quote this week.  Love it!

And oh what a difference a week makes--this is last Wednesday after school at this park

This is this Wednesday after school at the park. Crazy weather!

I have been reading this book for the last few weeks.  Finished it last night.  I loved it.  I do believe Brokaw was correct in calling the WWII generation The Greatest Generation.  They went through so much--The Great Depression, WWII, and then all that came after.  We have so much to learn from them, and all we have now is because of what they did.  What a blessing.  Reading it did make me sad because it reminded me of my grandpa--Grum who wasn't old enough to get into the war until after Germany had surrendered.  He was in Germany after to help rebuild, during the Nuremberg trials, and during the Berlin airlifts.  He passed away last year, and I never really got to talk to him about it.  Reading this made me sad I couldn't call him up and ask him about it.  Thankfully he wrote his life's history and had it published so I have a copy.  What a huge blessing!!!  Miss A is currently learning about WWII in her high school history class and had to do a paper about "My family in WWII."  She used Grum's book.   Thank you Grum for leaving us that!

Thank you Grum for all you did for us!  Sure miss you and love you!  You were definitely one of the Greatest Generation!!!

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