Monday, February 24, 2014

2014 Blue Jeans Week 8

We had a good week.  It started off fun with our traditional Valentine's dinner at my parents.  The weather warmed up and after ice and snow, the kids got to play outside without even jackets on.  They loved that.  Had some fun band stuff, and then got some images of things around the house.  Things I want to remember.  Here is a look at our week. . .
Our family Valentine's dinner tradition goes back to my great-Grandma.  We are celebrating it with the 5th generation now.  Normally we try to have this dinner on Valentine's Day, but it didn't work in everyone's schedules, so we had it Sunday.  We have a fancy dinner, and there is a big box in the middle with wrapped gifts inside--just simple little gifts--a puzzle or book or candy.  Each gift has a long ribbon attached to it that goes to each place setting.  Everyone has a specific place to sit, and then when you have eaten all your dinner, you can pull your ribbon and get your prize.  When my grandma was a girl they always ate on their best china and had to dress up.  We have dropped that part of the tradition :) but my mom always decorates so nice, and it is very fancy.  We had extra guests with us this year.  Always fun to share the tradition!

The snow and ice melted and the sun came out and warmed everything today so the kids went out on the trampoline to play and enjoy the weather while it lasts.

Big basketball pep band night at the ballgame.  Miss O is up there playing a mellophone.  They sounded awesome!!

After school today we went to the park for a while to enjoy the nice weather with some friends.  It was a stark contract to last week when we went to this same park to sled down the hill on the snow!  Oh what a difference a week makes!

Mr J is working on a heritage badge for cub scouts.  He made this poster that shows his family tree and some flags from some countries where some of his ancestors come from.  He has had fun working on it and learning about his heritage.

This beautiful flower arrangement is what I got for Valentine's day.  I love getting flowers, and getting flowers that will last and I can plant outside to last even longer is the best!

An image from one of our kitchen walls.  I want to remember this because 
1) I made these little month quilts (the heart one here for February) right after my 16 year old Miss A was born.  I change them out each month 
 2) because we always want to remember that "Families are Forever"
3) that little green bottle and what's inside
Here is a closer look.  Mr J made me this button bouquet for mother's day several years ago.  I love it.  He went to a lot of work, and I want to remember it.  Taking pictures of the things around you are as important as taking pictures of the people.  Things don't last forever, and we probably won't be in this house forever, so I want to get images of the things we love in our house that have meaning to us.

Thanks for visiting!  Have a great week!

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  1. Great family tradition with the Valentine's dinner. It sounds so fun and special. I love that button bouquet--what a great treasure he made for you. Too crazy about the contrast in weather for you guys. You'd never know you had so much snow last week. Glad you got a break though. The outdoor play looks so fun.

  2. these pictures are wonderful! the first one is so precious!