Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday thoughts

 Just some random Friday thoughts to round out the week.  It has been a crazy busy one, but a good one.  And where has February gone?  Oh my.  Taking down my Valentine's decor to put up St. Patrick's Day stuff.  Bring on the green--inside and out--hopefully!
Love my bathroom mirror quote from this week.  So true!  But I must confess, I was very lucky to marry the right person, now I just need to keep on trying to be the right person!

And the countdown has begun here. . .baby chicks are coming March 6th, and Mr J can hardly wait!

Our poor chicken coop has been empty since end of summer when a raccoon got in and killed all 6 of our laying hens.  Not a pretty sight.  The farm store does have chicks in the fall, and we planned to get some, but by the time we got there they were all gone :( so we have had to wait until this spring.  I have missed my fresh brown eggs and am looking forward to getting some more in a few months.  Mr J is looking forward to taking care of the baby chicks.  His sisters aren't looking forward to any of it :)  They haven't missed the chickens at all . . .oh well.    

I read Hattie Ever After by Kirby Larson a few weeks ago.  It is a sequel to Hattie Big Sky which Ben read to the kids a few years ago.  Both are very, very good.  Hattie is an orphan who finds out her recently deceased uncle, which she didn't know, left her a big homestead in the Montana prairie in 1918.  If Hattie can keep it up and take care of the land, farm it, and make payments then she can keep it.  Her adventures continue in Hattie Ever After. I love books with strong, intelligent, hardworking female characters, and these deliver.  The whole family enjoyed the first one, and they are looking forward to reading the sequel which I really enjoyed.  

Have a great weekend and see you Monday!


  1. I read those books too! They are really good. I keep track of all my books and reviews on I'm not as good as you are about putting it all on the blog! It's fun to see what you're reading. Thanks for sharing!