Monday, July 28, 2014

2014 Blue Jeans Week 30

At least I think this is week 30?  After being gone, I am way far behind.  My desk has stacks over a foot high all over it, and I haven't put photos in my project life album since before school got out.  But this week--my goal is to get caught up!  Wish me luck.  Re-entry is hard after being gone so long.  Here is a look at our week. . .
So the day after I got home with my family from 2 weeks of vacation, I left with my mom and met up with my 2 sisters in Colorado for a few days of a mom/sister retreat.  The timing was not the greatest since I hadn't even been home 24 hours before I left again, but we had a really nice time.  We spent a few days in Dillon, Colorado which is beautiful!  Sure had fun with these ladies!

The realities of returning home from vacation--lots and lots of laundry.  It was Mr J's turn to switch the laundry and sort the clothes.

Today was these two's last day of swim team practice!  They had a great season and worked really hard the last two months.  I am proud of how far they have progressed!

Mr J having fun at the pool :)

Girls' day in the city with my mom, my sister and my 3 girls.  We went school shopping, went to lunch at The Cheesecake Factory and had a blast!

Check out that cheesecake!  We got the white chocolate raspberry and then a chocolate oreo--oh my!

Happy Birthday to my mom!  We are so blessed we can live close to my parents!

Have a great week!  Come back soon!  I share recipes on Wednesdays and random thoughts on Fridays :)

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  1. Yep- worst part about vacation is coming home to laundry duty. Glad you were able to get away with your mom and sisters even if the timing was off. Perfect action shot of Mr J at the pool. Looks fun! Oh my--that cheesecake!!!! I LOVE cheesecake. It looks amazing. Welcome back to reality ;0)