Friday, July 25, 2014

Vacation Review--Afton, Wyoming

So once upon a time as a kid I lived in Afton, Wyoming which is in the beautiful Star Valley.  It is about an hour south of Jackson Hole, WY.  We decided to use that as our base for the last half of our trip to Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone.  It was fun to show the kids where I grew up, went to elementary school, etc.  It is such a beautiful place!

Up the canyon from Afton is a beautiful hike to the Intermittent spring which in the late summer/early fall will stop and then start again every 20 minutes or so.  When we were there it was going really fast and not stopping at all, but I remember going there as a kid and seeing it stop and start again.  

It was kind of cold up there, and Mr J wasn't fully prepared for it, so he took a blanket from the car.

The spring is so pretty and it comes right out of that rock.

Having fun on the hike

This is where the water comes right out of the rock

And down it flows to join Swift Creek

The condo we stayed at offered free use of a fitness center next door which had a racket ball court.  Ben and I played racket ball quite a bit in college together, so it was fun to teach the kids.

We had a very nice condo.  If you ever are in that area, may I suggest the Mountain Inn condos?  They are great!  The kids loved the bear :)

Afton has the largest antler arch in the world

We went on some beautiful hikes

And this was our view from the back porch of our condo

We loved it here!  A beautiful and relaxing place to be for a few days!

Tomorrow--Grand Teton National Park

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