Thursday, July 24, 2014

Vacation Review--family reunion

So the main reason for our trip was Ben's family reunion.  It was his parents' 50th wedding anniversary, and they had been planning this reunion to celebrate that for the last few years.  We just sandwiched the reunion between some other trips for us :)
This is the whole family minus 3 grandkids who are currently serving missions for our church.  A pretty impressive group I must say that we love so much but see so little because we are so far away, and it was so wonderful to be with them!

Ben's parents and siblings.  

We had the reunion at Bear Lake which is in northern Utah/southern Idaho.  It is beautiful.  Everyone had a fun time on the lake.

My girls loved playing frisbee with cousins.

I think the water was a little cold for Mr J.  Love his expression in this shot.

The older girls had fun too :)

Back at the cabin there were lots of things to do--Legos, games, 

We had a family dance one night---so fun!  The place we stayed in had a huge garage which was perfect for that.  We were doing the bunny hop here :)

The Virginia Reel--Mr J and Miss A leading it in the middle

Lots of time to play and spend with cousins

Lots of fun games

This is the place we rented.  It was perfect for us--big, a bedroom for each couple, lots of floor space for kids to sleep :)  My amazing sister-in-law found it on VRBO which is a great site to find places to stay.  I have used it several times and highly recommend it.  

And the last evening we were there we had a special "program" honoring Ben's parents and what they have done through 50 amazing years together--we interviewed them, they shared stories, and the kids shared memories.  At the end we presented them with this picture complication that Ben's sister and her husband put together.  It was an awesome time!  So glad we got to be there.  Sure love you family!!!

Tomorrow Afton, Wyoming


  1. Hi Jen! Dang! We were almost in Bear Lake together and then I could have finally met you! :-) We were there July 17th-21st. We just missed you by a few weeks. However, your house is definitely behind the one we stayed in this year. We actually stayed at the Gathering Place last year with my family. It's a great house, right?! It was booked for the week we wanted this year, so we stayed in the other house also owned by the owners of the Gathering Place. Here's a link to last year's:
    REALLY wish we had been there together! That would have been wild. I did randomly run into two of my roommates from BYU (that I hadn't seen in 13 years) at a park in Bear Lake. It's a small Mormon world.

  2. Wow! Some friends of ours went to a family reunion there this summer too. Busy place! You guys definitely got the best T shirt color! BYU blue! Woo hoo! :)