Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Vacation review--Mt Rushmore and the Black Hills

I think everyone loved our time in the Black Hills and at Mt Rushmore.  It was so beautiful!  We were very impressed with Mt Rushmore, but if you asked my kids what their favorite part was of the whole trip--the evening lighting ceremony was a big favorite.  It was very inspiring.  So if you plan a trip to Rushmore, go during the day, see it, drive around the area and then be sure and come back in the evening for the lighting ceremony.  It is not to be missed!  
We took the 'scenic' route to Rushmore which was gorgeous and had these amazing tunnels through these huge rocks.  They were one car at a time tunnels and very rough on the inside.  They were cool.

On the scenic drive they had overlooks where you could see Mt Rushmore.  Cool.

This was one of the neatest overlooks.  Don't miss it.  

Amazing views.  Mt Rushmore is on the right in the back mountains--the lighter place in the rock face.

Lots of fun places to see and explore.

Another cool tunnel and bridge on the way to Rushmore.

The walkway of flags entering Rushmore.

It was a cool place to visit.  Be sure and see the movie of how they made it.

They have a President's walk that lets you get closer.

All that rock you see below is what they chipped and blasted away to make the sculpture.  You can still see chisel marks on some.

After we left Mt Rushmore we went to Custer State Park and did their Wildlife loop road.  We saw lots of animals, but by far the favorite was the herd of buffalo we saw.  The kids screamed when we saw them in the car :)

There were mama's and their babies.  Pretty amazing.  Those things are big!  Warning--do not feed buffalo :)

Then we went on another scenic drive called the 'Needles' road because of these needles rock here.  It was awesome.

And on that road they have this crazy long narrow tunnel that almost gave me a panic attack to drive through ( I was driving at the time)  The picture does not do it justice!

Then the evening lighting ceremony.  Don't miss it.

And then this is the Crazy Horse sculpture near by.  We didn't go in.  You could see it from the road.  

I checked out this book from the library before we left.  It has the scenic routes all around Mt Rushmore, the Black Hills and the Badlands plus around Yellowstone and such.  It was a great resource to have before the trip.  

Tomorrow--Family Reunion!!

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  1. What an amazing trip! I visited Mt Rushmore years ago, but would love to go back with my kids one day. The lighting ceremony sounds neat. We'll definitely have to check that out. Love all the photos!