Monday, January 26, 2015

2015 Blue Jeans week 4

We have had a week that started out good, and then we sour with the flu hitting our house at the end.  Not fun.  It was especially not fun because this weekend Miss E was supposed to attend the state middle school honor band and concert, but she got sick.  Super disappointing! We were so sad she had to miss, but with a temp of 102 she wasn't going anywhere.  She shared it with me, so we didn't do much of anything this weekend.  Getting sick is no fun!  But we are slowly getting better and looking forward to another fun but busy week.  Here is a look at our last week. . .
Miss E made an amazing German Chocolate cake for our Sunday evening treat.  Yum!

We went to an impromptu acting and musical performance.  Miss A got called up to be a participant from the audience for a skit.  It was really funny!

Of course, a few basketball games filled our week as well.  Go Miss O!  She has amazing coaches!

Before everyone got sick, we were able to attend an amazing concert of a trombone quartet.  Pretty awesome!  They did workshops with the school kids during the day which was great for my 3 older girls, especially Miss E who plays the trombone.

For the quartet's last number they had the high school band join them.  Miss A and Miss O are on the far right with their French Horns.  It was pretty awesome!

Friday Miss E was home sick so I didn't go anywhere, but started to try and catch up on my 2014 Project Life album.  I keep up on my blog really well, but my physical book I hadn't updated since May, so I worked hard and got though August done.  Yeah!  Ordered the rest of my year's pictures and looking forward to hopefully getting caught up and the year done next week so I can start my 2015 album.  Love Project Life!  Love how simple it is and that you can catch up so quickly.

And by Saturday I was down.  These were our essential items over the weekend.  Miss E was a good sport about it, though, she said, "at least this is way better than throwing up.  When you are sick and throwing up, that is the worst." Agreed.  Find the silver lining--we were sick but not throwing up, so that was good!

Here is hoping you all stay well and have a good week!
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  1. Sorry about the sickness. There is so much of that going on around here too. I'm really hoping none of my kids bring it home. Love it when the kids have great attitude about it. Good for Miss E! I am so not good with the physical books either. At least I have my blog and if that's all I can do for now it's better than nothing. Maybe when I retire or the kids are off to college I'll find the time to actually sit and work on PL. Someday! Oh- that cake looks amazing!! I could go for a slice right now and it's only 7am. LOL! Hope you are all feeling better this week.

  2. Oh no! I'm so sorry y'all got hit w/ the sick bug. It's wretched. I completely agree ... I'd rather have a fever than be throwing up any day!

    That's awesome that you've caught up so quickly w/ Project Life. I am done through July of 2014, and I have all the pics for the year printed and in their slots. Now I just need to do the journaling. That's the hardest part for me!

    Have a great week & I hope y'all are on the mend. :)