Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday thoughts--a new challenge

My random Friday thoughts. . .
My quote for the week.  After reading it I felt like I needed to play Idina Menzel's Frozen "Let it Go," but I figured everyone knew exactly how it goes and all the words already, so it wasn't necessary that I put it on here :)  Seriously, I think this is a great quote.  We all make mistakes.  Things don't go as planned, but we need to remember each day is a new beginning.  We can start over. We can correct our wrongs and move forward.  We hold ourselves back by holding onto past mistakes and issues.  We really need to Let it go!  

So a little flashback.  Our state's birthday was this week.  It is tradition that we make a sunflower cake to celebrate.  We had done it for many years.  
This was our 2013 had some issues.  It got frosted before it was completely cooled, but that didn't bother the kids or the taste :)

This was this week's cake.  My kids are getting too big too fast!  

So a new challenge coming up for me and my family.  As you know, I headed the campaign to get a school bond passed to get new schools for our town last fall.  It didn't pass.  I need to remember that quote above.  I did my absolute best and worked very, very hard with some amazing people.  So now, we have spring elections coming up in April, and the filing deadline was this week--noon on Tuesday.  There were 4 openings on our local school board.  I worked very closely with many of the school board members on the bond campaign, and was truly inspired by what good people they were and how hard they worked.  When I found out my area school board member was not going to refile for election I got to thinking.  After many prayers and  much discussion with my family who were all 100% supportive of me, I filed to run for my area school board position.  This is a 4 year term.  An unpaid volunteer position.  I have been a weekly volunteer in our schools for the last 12 years.  When my oldest started kindergarten I was determined to volunteer one hour in each of my kid's classrooms every week.  I made it happen.  I am still doing it today and am extremely involved in my kids' schools.  I do what I do because I love my kids and care about all kids and their education.  I am running for the school board because of that--because I care about kids and want to do what is best for them.  Running for a public office was never on my "to-do" list.  I have no political ambitions nor personal agendas.  I personally really do not like politics.  I just care about kids and feel like I have the experience to benefit the schools by serving on the board.  Would appreciate your prayers during this time!  Elections are April 7.

A new challenge and adventure. . . here we go!  :)

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  1. That is FABULOUS that you're running for a school board position.
    Especially since you've prayed & fasted about it & felt like it's something you should do.
    I'm sure you'll be WONDERFUL.
    It will be fun to follow your journey through the elections. :)