Monday, January 18, 2016

2016 Blue Jeans Week 2

A cold January week here, but an exciting one!  Miss E got her braces off!  Oh happy day!  She was so excited.  I had been running errands before I picked her up from school to go to the dentist.  I had stuck an apple in the car as a snack for me, but hadn't eaten it yet. After we got out of the dentist's office I asked her, "What do you want for a treat?"  She said, "An apple!"  She was so excited I had one there in the car for her to bite into right that second!  Then when we got home she was also very excited to eat carrots :)  So that is our exciting news this week.  Take a look at our week. . .
I try to get a picture of our Art wall every once in a while.  Had some new pieces on there, so needed an updated picture.

And look at that happy braces free smile :)  She does have to wear a clear retainer 24/7 for six months, but that is easy after a year and 5 months of braces.

Ben and Mr J have been doing old Lego sets lately in the evenings.  It has been a fun activity for them to do.

Our first fire of the year because it was cold, cold, cold!  The kids enjoyed relaxing by the fire this evening and keeping extra warm!

And just have to give a huge shout out to my amazing DeeDee (my grandma) who turned 90 this week!  We live 1150 miles away and couldn't be there for the party, but we sure love her.  What an amazing Christ-like person she is!  We love you DeeDee!!  Happy Birthday!!!

Mr J shows off what he and Ben have been busy doing this past week.  We love Legos at our house!

And keeping up with life--that includes making lunches every night.  Miss O having fun getting hers ready this past week.

Thanks for visiting.  Hope you are having a great January--keeping warm wherever you are!  Come back soon!


  1. It's so nice when they get their braces off. Yay for her. Love your art wall and it's nice that it gets updated often. Some of those Legos look awfully familiar ;0)

  2. That's awesome that you just happened to have an apple in the car which is exactly what Miss E wanted after her braces were off.

    I LOVE the idea of an "Art Wall." So smart.

    Your DeeDee looks GREAT for being 90 years old. She looks like a fun & kindred spirit. :)