Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday thoughts...

I think having kids learn how to work and do service is soooooo very important--especially in this day and age where (most) kids have so much and really don't do much.  Last week we started volunteering at a local soup kitchen.  My kids were honestly not very excited about it.  Keeping it real--they were whining about it--mostly my 10 year old boy.  I reminded him to Rise and Shine not Rise and Whine--lesson from last week.  We got there, and helped for a few hours, and after they were all happy.  Happy they helped, happy to work, and happy to go back the next week.  I think it is so important to remind kids (and ourselves) it is not about you.  How many times do I tell my kids that?  I hear. . . "I don't want to . . ." and then I say, "This is not about you or what you want.  This is what you have to do."  I think that is a really important lesson to learn--and we have to keep re-learning and re-learning it no matter what age we are.  This life isn't all about us and what we want.  It is about serving, working, learning, and growing, and those are not always fun things, but so very, very important.

Have a great weekend!

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