Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday thoughts

This week my son has his DARE graduation.  I was my 4th and last DARE graduation over these many years.  I think DARE is a great program, and it has been a good thing for all of my kids.  The interesting thing about this week's program was the guest speaker.  This man told of his journey as he nearly lost his life about 2 years ago in a horrible accident.  He shared 3 great lessons he took from the accident and the amazing journey of recovery he has gone through--and continues to go through.   I wanted to share them with you.

Lesson 1:  Live every day with Purpose, Character, and Passion.  You are only given this one day once, and what you choose to do with this day better be important because you are trading one whole day of your life for it.

Lesson 2:  Stuff doesn't matter.  As he was laying on his hospital bed in immense pain and barely alive he didn't care about his car, iphone, TV, clothes, computer etc.  Stuff didn't matter.  What did and still does truly matter???  Faith--his faith in and his relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, Family--his wife and kids, parents, extended family, and Friends--good, supportive friends that called, brought dinner by, visited, cared enough to be there in the tough times.  Those are the things that really matter in this life, so arrange your priorities to match those things that matter--faith, family, friends.

Lesson 3:  Each day when you get up you have the choice to "Rise and SHINE" or "Rise and WHINE."  No matter what your circumstances, you have that choice.  You can choose to be grateful or choose to be bitter and negative.  He said he could have been bitter he had seven broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and a shattered tail bone, but he chose to be grateful he had 17 other ribs that weren't broken, one lung that was still whole and working, and he could still walk even with a shattered tailbone.  He was not paralyzed.  He chose to Rise and Shine and not Rise and Whine.  Love that.

Wow.  What great lessons we all need to remember.  I was grateful for this man who shared his story and his continued journey and was willing to let these kids (and adults) hear it and learn from it.

Have a great weekend.

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