Friday, March 26, 2010

Birthday Fun and yum!

Yeah, I had a birthday this week. It was great. Always nice to get spoiled :) I especially got spoiled with my super yummy cake/cheesecake that Ben made me. It had a vanilla layer on the bottom and a chocolate layer with mini chocolate chips on the top. Yummy!!! After tasting it all my kids have requested a cheesecake by Dad for their birthday cakes. I am also happy with that.
Ben and Miss E get the candles ready.
Man, look at all those candles--I think we are lucky the smoke detector didn't go off! I think from now on I am hiding the candles when it comes around my birthday. Note to self--we will mysteriously always be out of candles on my birthdays from now on.

But it sure tasted good! I am happy!

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  1. Happy Birthday Jen! Love the picture of Ben in the kitchen - so sweet of him and the kids to make the cake...