Thursday, March 18, 2010

Room Design 101

So we are remodeling one of the girls' rooms. They decided that they wanted it purple and green. We thought that was cool. So, we picked out some paint colors, and we wanted to check it with my dad since he is the professional. We showed him the colors, and he asked if we had their bedding yet because it is easier to match bedding with paint than paint with bedding. Meaning, if we painted the walls those colors, what if we couldn't find any bedding to match? Which would likely be the case since we would be ordering the bedding over the internet since we are miles and miles and miles away from a decent bedding store. It would be much easier to get your bedding first and then choose your paint from that. So, we got on the internet and had the girls pick out the bedding they wanted. This seemed rather daunting considering my 9 year old and 7 year old are very different kinds of girls. One is a pink princess type and the other a tom-boy type. It didn't look good. . .but amazingly they came to a pretty quick agreement on the below bedding--brown (which my tom-boy liked) and pink (which the princess liked). We ordered it, and it came today! They were super excited. So now we can pick out the paint. They picked the light purple around the dark purple flower and the very light green surrounding the darker green. Ben has been painting the crown molding and chair rail, and we think the purple will go on top and green on the bottom. So, room design 101---pick your bedding first then match your paint :) I am always learning something new--which is a good thing, right?


  1. that bedding is so cute!! I'm thinking the same thing - I need to be patient and wait to get bedding, etc before I get paint - I've got lots of rooms to paint in this remodel and I really only want to do it once ;) So hard when you live in the middle of nowhere - HGTV makes it look so easy to find a deal! ha!

  2. so cute jen!! it is soooo much better than the creepy naked angels or whatever that border was :) i can't wait to see the finished room!