Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Home improvements--a love/hate relationship

Home improvements are very much a love/hate relationship with me. I LOVE to have it done, but I HATE doing it. I am sure my husband would argue that it is mostly him doing it, which I would agree with. So what is there to hate??? Everything is a mess no matter what you do during home improvements. Everything is out of place. I hate that. And it always takes twice as long and costs at least twice as much as you originally thought. That said, I really do love it when it is done. I am so glad we (and I use that term loosely) did it! In our first house we redid every room, but it was a beginner house, and pretty small. Our current house is a "forever" house--meaning we could stay here forever, so it is much bigger to accommodate a family of 6 "forever," so it has taken a lot more time, work, and money to redo our current house than our first house. I guess Ben had been getting bored lately (ha, ha), and Miss O and Miss E had been begging him to start to redo their room, so last weekend he started pulling off wallpaper. The girls did not like their cloud wallpaper with the angels (or naked babies as they called them) border. I don't blame them.
This is "before"
This is "during"

And "during" again, I don't know when we will be able to show you the "after" pictures, but hopefully before the end of the year :) We are very much into the hate relationship of this project right now--paper scrapped, mudding, sanding, priming, girls' room stuff distributed throughout the house, kids displaced--ugh! But I will just love it when we (again, using this term very loosely) are done. I am so grateful for a husband who works so hard so I don't have to :)

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  1. Scraping wallpaper is the worst. We just hung a door to the basement stairs this week. That project only took us three years. I can't stand projects either which is why I'm going to suffer through five kids in two bedrooms for three more years. Aghhhh!