Wednesday, April 7, 2010

All dressed up for Easter

You know, I have good kids. Not perfect kids. They have their moments, like I have mine. They probably get a lot of their bad moments from me :) I had great hopes for awesome Easter pictures in their cute new dresses and clothes, but everyone has their moments and sometimes Sunday mornings before church are not our best moments. Ben has to leave an hour earlier than we do for church, so I have the job of getting all four kids ready and out the door on time, plus trying to make myself presentable. We are not usually on time, and no matter how much prep I do something always goes wrong--tights get holes, shoes can't be found, we are filing out the door and someone yells "Wait! I have to go to the bathroom!" Ben can usually tell how the morning went by how loud I sigh when he asks me "How did it go this morning?" after I have sat down after filing everyone in our row by him. Ugh, Sunday mornings are not my favorite. Anyway. . . Easter pictures. Miss E was the only one willing to an individual shot in her new Easter dress.

Miss O was kicking her brother to get him to smile because as you can see in the below picture, he was not happy about having his picture taken this morning.

Ah, feel the love :) And the wind kept blowing the girls sleeves up, and everyone was cold and saying "Can we go now?" Yeah, I love Sunday mornings :) This was a loud sigh morning, let me tell ya. But, come what may and LOVE it!!


  1. I think every mom can say the same about Sunday mornings . . . ugh!!

  2. This is our typical Sunday morning too. I am glad our church "dress code" has relaxed a bit. It makes getting the girls ready so much easier.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way about Sunday mornings!

  4. I love the outfits. My biggest frustration in life is family pictures (well, one of the biggest).