Friday, April 23, 2010

Things I love

I love lots of things, but these are things I especially love this week. . .

Dairy Queen! We love DQ and especially this week since their blizzards are on sale buy one get one for $.25!!! We have gone several times this week :) Yum! Cookie dough is my favorite.
I love playing in the yard on a late spring evening and my Ben teaching the kids how to swing a bat and play ball!

I love, and am probably addicted to, Bath and Body works lotion. Is there such thing as LLA (lotion lovers anonymous)? I could probably found it if there isn't. But I love the stuff! Especially their new summer vanillas. Oh. my. Have you smelled them?

I also love this cookbook. Ben got it for me for my birthday. Have you heard of Pioneer Woman? She is great! Her cookbook is awesome! I have made lots of the recipes, and they are all good! Check her out at Pioneer Woman
What are you loving this week????


  1. Sweet deal on the DQ stuff. We would have been there as well. We love the "happy hour" as Sonic in the afternoon when their freezes are 1/2 price.

    And I can SO relate with the Bath and Body Works stuff. I just bought 3 bottles during their sale a few weeks ago. My favorite is the Japanese Cherry Blossom or the Lime Coconut. I sampled those 3 you have posted - wasn't a fan. Which one is your favorite?

  2. It was so fun to see things you love this week! I love Bath and Body Works also. We have an outlet store here. I like their plug in diffuser sets. I also love the night time aromatherapy lotions warm milk and honey and lavender vanilla. The lotions I love are brown sugar and fig and rice flower and shea. I haven't seen that cookbook. I'll have to check it out. We just took the kids to DQ on Saturday. We always get the dilly bars. This time I got a peanut buster bar. It was so fudgy, and peanuty and choclatey. Love ya!