Sunday, April 11, 2010

Curlers, anyone?

Once upon a time there were hair curlers. . .
Remember curlers? Those soft, foamy, pink things you surrounded your head with? I didn't think they made them anymore :) and they even have them in different colors! but my girls had seen a friend who used them, and they were all excited about trying them out. So, a few weeks ago on a Saturday night Ben had a meeting at church, Mr J went to bed early, and I rolled the girls' hair in curlers. Miss O was so excited about it that she requested that I roll her hair every night the following week.
They were super excited about it, don't they look so happy and excited about their hair up in curlers? until they tried to go to sleep. "How do we lay?" "They hurt!" "This isn't very comfortable." "I can't go to sleep with these in." I patiently reminded them that they were the ones who wanted to do this and have them, but I specifically remember feeling the same way when I slept in them when I was their age, and I know my mom heard the same complaints from me and my 2 sisters. What goes around, comes around . . .anyway, I offered that they could just take them out, but they declined. They had visions of curly, beautiful hair dancing in their heads, and they were willing to suffer through it for beauty's sake.
When Ben got home later that night, this is what I showed him. He had to laugh. Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of their hair in the morning. Their reality didn't quite meet up with their visions. Some sections were super, super curly ringlets, and others were only very slightly curvy(basically about straight). Surprisingly enough Miss O (nor either of the other 2) has never mentioned having them in her hair again, and they all lived happily ever after with straight hair.
The end

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  1. We've been down that curler road the curlers are used for 'pet pillows' and other crazy things!