Monday, April 5, 2010

Dyeing Eggs--both brown and white

In case you didn't already know, we have chickens at our house. We have 3 Rhode Island Red laying hens. They give us pretty and very yummy fresh brown eggs. With Easter coming up we were wondering how it would be to dye the brown eggs?
Now I didn't hard boil many brown eggs. I bought 18 white ones to hard boil and only hard boiled 4 brown ones. Why, you ask? We aren't big hard boiled or deviled eggs fans around here, and from experience I know that we end up throwing out our dyed eggs after about 2 weeks, so I wasn't about to waste all my good fresh brown ones on egg dyeing. I didn't have a problem wasting the white store bought ones :) So on Saturday everyone got to work. They had big plans. . .

These were their results. We were impressed with how the brown ones dyed. Can you spot the original brown eggs? There are 4 of them. (answers at the bottom of post). They took the colors a deeper shade and turned out very pretty. I wanted to show you some pretty creative egg dyeing by my girls and Ben. . .

Hello! Did you know eggs can wear glasses too?

A pretty tri-colored egg. You have to have a steady hand to get the lines straight as you hold them in the different colored dyes. Way to go Ben!
Good-night! Sleep tight! Don't let the egg bugs bite!
(answers: dark brown/orange on left, dark purple in upper left, dark red that says "Easter" with a heart on it, and Ben's tri-colored one are the 4 brown eggs, did you guess them right?)


  1. So pretty! I do love how those brown eggs took the color. Thanks for the experiment!

  2. I LOVE dyeing Easter eggs! The brown ones are so cool!!