Thursday, April 15, 2010

Because It's Spring!

A primary children's song says. . .

Why is the sky so blue and clear?
Why is the robin's song so dear?
Why is the sun so warm and bright,
Filling the earth with glorious light?
Why are the fields so green today?
Why do the clouds all float away?
Why does my heart with gladness sing?
Only because it's SPRING!!!

Love that song. And my heart has been singing with gladness because it is spring. I have been taking lots of pictures of what spring means to our family. Over the next few days I am going to share little glimpses of our spring. Enjoy! And I hope your heart is also singing because it is Spring!
Miss E helping our neighbor do his yard work. He said he would pay her a nickel if he had one, but he didn't, and she said that was okay.
She was a hard worker and enjoyed the ride!

Miss E loves digging in the dirt with our neighbor in the spring!

Spring means SOCCER! We love soccer even though it makes our lives a little crazy on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturday mornings, but it is only for a month and a half :) Miss O and Miss E are our soccer players. Go 12 and 13!

Spring means yard work! I am in charge of getting the flower beds cleaned up and ready. Ben is in charge of getting the garden tilled and ready. I was working hard today. Wore through a pair of gloves today because it is spring!

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