Saturday, April 17, 2010

Because It's Spring-3

My final spring installment. . .

I love tulips! This is a close-up of my favorite pink and yellow ones.
Some more pretty tulips--white, yellow/pink and deep red ones.

I think I made a mistake when I planted my tulips. These are all on my one side and back yard, and none are in my front yard. I planted my daffodils in front and none in back. I think I need to get some more and rectify that problem. Anyone ready for a bulk bulb ordering party this fall???

One major sign of spring at our house is Ben tilling the garden. We usually have really wet springs, and this year has been no different. It has been hard to wait for the garden soil to be dry enough to till, but it finally stayed dry for a week so Ben was able to get it tilled this week, right before it rained--again :)
And another sign it is spring at our house is my kids are on the trampoline constantly, jumping, playing games, running circles, or just sitting on it to talk. They love that thing! They are counting the days till it is warmer and then they can put the sprinkler underneath and jump in their swimsuits!

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  1. Jen - I've loved all those pictures/installments of spring time in your neighborhood/home!! Beautiful! You really get a sense of the coming warmth and love around your kids. Great posts! Makes me want to visit :)