Monday, February 14, 2011

Blue Jeans Week 4

Here's what's been happin' 'round here this week. . .
Sunday:  Mr J had to bring treats to school for snack Monday morning, so Sunday evening he told us what he wanted to make--heart shaped chocolate chip cookies.  He even told us how to do it, "Put the cookie cutter down and smash the dough into it and tap it down."  So that is exactly what we did, and they turned out yummy!
Monday:  Not only am I lucky enough to have a Girls' Night Out group, I also have Girls' Lunch Out group.  This is for the mom's whose kiddos are all in school during the day, so we get together once a month for lunch and usually shopping, but today they came to my house for lunch and sewing.  We made these cute pillowcases together.   Love my girlfriends!

Tuesday:  Is there a better way to do your home work than with your winter hat on, your PJ's on, and listening to your audio book on your MP3?  Miss E doesn't think so.  This is her usual homework spot and style.  This girl is all about the style, let me tell you.

Wednesday:  Off she goes into the wide-white yonder--another snow day (#5 for this year!), and Miss O enjoyed it outside!
Thursday:  Finally had a day of school so we could have our PTO Bingo night.  Me and the other awesome PTO moms donned our rubber gloves and dished up the chili and chili dogs.  It was a fun night!

Friday:  Miss E and Mr J enjoying the snow (or at least one of them in enjoying themselves, the other came in shortly after this crying for some reason :)

Saturday:  Big project due Monday for Miss O--a Colonial Fair project.  She spent all day finishing it, and it looked pretty awesome when she was done.  Way to go Miss O!  Hope you all had a good week!



  1. LOL I love the snow pic, but can totally understand why the tears! Great pictures this week!

  2. It looks like you guys have been busy! I love the heart-shaped chocolate chip cookies. What a great idea! And I also love to go out to lunch. How fun to have a lunch group!

  3. I have always wondered how to get those perfect heart shaped cookies. I am going to have to try that. My littlest would be so impressed since she loves hearts. I love all the pictures. I am so jealous that I don't live closer.