Friday, February 25, 2011


I think "why" has got to be one of the most used words in the English language.  "Why did you hit your sister?"  "Why is your room a mess?"  "Why aren't the dishes done?"  "Why are you playing outside when your (insert any number of items here--piano, bed made, dishes, homework) isn't done?"  "Why did you do that?"  "Why is there milk spilled on the counter?"  "Why is he crying?"  "Why did this happen?"
"Why are you sticking your head in the dishwasher???" (this from yesterday, and I have no clue "why?"
 And you know, I wonder if there really is an answer to "Why?"  or if I really want to know the answers to all the "whys?"  I think my kids ask me that question as much as I ask them, "Why do we have to go (insert anything here, to piano lessons, to school, to the store)?"  "Why do I have to dust/clean/vacuum my room?"  "Why do I have to fold my clothes?"  "Why do I have to practice my piano?"  "Why do I have to feed the chickens?"  "Why do we have chickens?"  "Why do we have to have this for dinner again?"  One of my favorites right there. . .

"Why do I have to do this????"  Lots of questions, lots of whys.  Being the excellent parent that I am, (ha, ha, not really) most of my answers are "Because I said so."  Very effective, I know, but some days that is all I have to give to the eternal question of "Why?"


  1. My favorite answer to all of the whys at our house is "Why not?" :) Cathy

  2. I love the "because I said so.."

  3. The "why" at my house is usually just answered with a raise of my eyebrows and deadly silence...

    SO much easier than discussing the real reasons "why"... which (if I'm being honest) are probably "because I don't want to unload the dishwasher - that's why I had children" and "because I'm mean, evil, wicked, bad, nasty, vicious, vile, sinful and corrupt... and besides that not very nice" (which incidentally, rolls off my tongue as easily as my own name... no joke.

  4. My mom always used to respond "Because ice cream doesn't have any bones." So weird and random that it doesn't beg a response...