Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Blue Jeans Week 2

Sharing my picture a day for my scrapbooking Project Life.  Capturing our lives each day with one picture at a time. . .
Sunday--one of my bestest friends that moved was in town and visited me.  So nice to see her and visit.  Sure miss her!! 
Monday:  Family night game--Twister.  We got this game for a wedding gift 15 years ago (thanks Christie and Randy) and it has held up well :)  The kids love it! 

Tuesday:  Miss O's DARE Graduation for school.  Love their shirts!  She loved Officer Ford that came every week and taught them.  What a good program.

Wednesday:  For the last 2 years Miss O has been a part of the school's African Drumming Circle group.  Today they went and performed at a local nursing home.  I love it when they drum and sing.  They are very good.

Thursday:  The 100th day of school!  Mr J was so excited about this because for show-and-tell he got to bring 100 of something to share.  He took Hershey's Kisses-yum!  He made this cool hat and brought me a note with 100 kisses (x's) on it.  I love kindergarten!  So fun!

Friday:  We had a 65 degree day for January which is totally not normal, but we sure enjoyed it.  After school Mr J made a train track on the front porch and Miss E enjoyed the porch swing while reading.

Saturday:  Another 65 degree day that was sunny and beautiful!  We spent the day outside and in the afternoon played croquet.  Mr J loves that game and insists on having the orange ball and hitter.  Watch out!  It is better to stand far away from him when he hits :)

I hope you all have a wonderful week.  We were pretty spoiled with our 65 degree days, and now we are under a blizzard warning with 14 inches of snow predicted.  Ugh, I think I like the 65 degrees better :)  Happy February 1st!


  1. Great photos! I love that you call your children by their first initial. :) I can't believe your son is already at the 100th day, that seems fast. I am off to check your book blog out.

  2. our 100th day is Thursday :) We'll have pictures soon. Happy Project Life Tuesday! Love the twister photo too fun!

  3. Sounds like a great week. So glad you like the Twister....I forgot we gave you that, but it sounds about right! ;)

  4. More pictures of your porch swing, please! I L-O-V-E it...and I want one of my own! Yep, totally coveting yours right now. :)